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Hinged Knee Wrap (PDAC Assigned: L1820)

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The Dicarre Hinged Knee Wrap is designed to provide support, stabilization and compression for ligament instabilities and injuries. This brace comes with a bilateral metal hinge and wrap-around design for easy application.

PDAC Assigned Code: L1820 Attention Medicare Patients

SIZEThigh Circ." (cm)
Small13-16” (33-41cm)
Medium16-19” (41-48cm)
Large19-22.5” (48-57cm)
XLarge22.5-25.5” (57-65cm)
2Large25.5-29.5” (65-75cm)
Measure 6"(15 cm) above & below mid-patella while standing

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Idea For

Medial/lateral instability

Prevention of hyperextension

Subluxation, instabilities of knee joint

Collateral ligament sprains

Meniscus injuries

Patella tendonitis


Post-Op rehabilation

Sports injury prevention

Features Benefits

Wrap-around style with two loop lock adjustable straps for easy application and removal

Breathable neoprene material for theurapic warmth and compression

Lightweight hinges limit medial and lateral movement and prevent hyperextension

Removable dual-axis polycentric hinges allow for flexion/extension

Open knee design for enhanced patellar positioning

Soft nylon lining for improved wearing comfort.


PART#. BlackSIZEThigh Circ." (cm)
DK16-BK-SMS13-16” (33-41cm)
DK16-BK-MDM16-19” (41-48cm)
DK16-BK-LGL19-22.5” (48-57cm)
DK16-BK-XLXL22.5-25.5” (57-65cm)
DK16-BK-2L2L25.5-29.5” (65-75cm)
Measure 6"(15 cm) above & below mid-patella while standing



2XLarge, Large, Medium, Small, XLarge

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